Thursday, May 30, 2013


Postcard-sized pieces of art have become very popular especially for collectors, trades or trying out new techniques whether it be in fiber, paper or mixed media. The little art group I belong to, Odd Tuesday, has been exchanging postcards for about a year now. It's been great fun to see what ideas each of us tries out or often we'll use fabrics or papers that we have created in our get togethers.
A few months back we decided to change things a bit. Instead of trading finished cards we'd exchange 'kits' that would include a postcard base and five items. Of course some of us used the excuse that artists are meant to break the rules, to include more than five items but the idea was/is that we are use some or all of what is presented to us. We all have found it very liberating, reminding us how we can become more creative when we are restricted. You can see our first creations from the '5 things' over on our Odd Tuesday blog.

Do you find you are more or less creative when given restrictions?


  1. I am definitely more creative when given restrictions, but interestingly, one would think at first glance at that statement, that the opposite would be true!

  2. I do like it when I have restrictions - my mind starts to work in a different fashion. These are some lovely pieces of art!

  3. Wow, gina, you have been very creative and productive lately. love these and the weaving from previously.

  4. Like adding jalapeño to salsa, restrictions add a bit of kick to the muse! Love them!


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