Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gifts and Cyber Monday Sale!

Shot glasses or toothpick holders? I'm hoping these will be used as either one or both. I needed to make a dozen little exchange gifts and thought of the toothpick holders I made earlier this year. I've been getting lots of use from mine as I keep it in the cupboard by the oven and pull out a toothpick every time I'm baking. I also put the little holder out when serving appetizers. However it would not be suitable for a shot glass! Those holes wouldn't allow much fluid. Plus my fingers said they were not stitching any more tiny beads into tiny pots! So I added a little interest without cutting holes and I'm happy with them.

Speaking of gifts, if you need to do some holiday gift shopping for yourself or others, my Etsy shop is having a Cyber Monday sale right now. Everything is 20% off!!!! Use the coupon code CYBERMONDAY20 when checking out. I've also added some new clay and fiber art pieces so come by and visit. Hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010