Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weaving on Clay

well, weaving on fired clay.....
For those who followed my posts, know that I started teaching adult ceramics classes this year. Most of the class members had worked in clay for many years so I wanted to introduce something that they had not already done. Adding fiber to work was a natural choice for me, but most in the class were not sewers or quilters so adding how I usually add was not the best choice. I did start many years back though by weaving rims on my thrown bowls so thought this might be something a few members of the class may be interested in and they could take it to where ever they like and as far they can imagine.
     I refreshed my memory on how I had woven a traditional rim but decided there should be an easier way as managing all those reeds could be overwhelming..... 
So in brainstorming in what could be used instead of reed for the 'stakes' I decided to try out wire as it would stay where you put it and it is flexible. I did a few small pieces to try it out and it seemed like the way to go. Then I decided to try a larger piece and I remembered to take some photos before I finished....
 For those who like this idea I found a number 20 wire worked. The usual helpful tools from basket weaving 101 are helpful too, like clothes pins/pegs to hold your weaving in place when you need a third hand.
 To finish off the rim I found I could simply twist the wires back down over the reed, bury it and cut it off. Or for this one I took two of the wire spokes, pulled them together tightly and twisted them. I liked the scalloped edge it gave if I pulled them taut.
 I could have left it at that but I liked the idea of adding one more element so did a test of various clay buttons and beads I had.
  Finally I settled on these.....
 The bowl is wheel thrown and carved on the wheel, finished with red iron oxide and left unglazed.
 I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone does this summer as the studio remains open for members to work. They've made some beautiful pieces this year!!!


  1. Thanks Dan and thanks for visiting. Fun blog name and I just enjoyed reading some of your posts.

  2. What a interesting exercise it must have been for you to go back it time to investigate your first idea of how to combine clay 'n fiber and to then teach it. Awesome!


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