Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Yesterday was reveal day over at Tangled Textiles. Brigitte had given us 'Remnants' as our inspiration and of course I had to take this one literally considering how many of those I have piled in crates in the sewing room. I decided to use some upholstery samples and the idea of upholstery rolls in the fabric store as my beginning. I did a quick sketch to start me off....
Initial arrangement of remnants of course was changed many times before stitching.....

I made hang-tags by fusing used coffee filters on both sides of fusible batting. then tied in place with embroidery thread. Rather than a literal price on each tag I experimented with a few of the stitches on my sewing machine.

I machine quilted the red background but decided to leave the bolts just stitched in place with a blanket stitch so they have a little more outward body. Rather than a binding or facing I chose to use some of that fun eyelash yard around the edges. I've found that a little diagonal cut across the corners of my quilts make attaching the yarn easier. Without that cut I find the corners tend to stick through the yarn. 

This was another fun challenge and I'm now motivated to try and find time to get into my sewing's a challenge!

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