Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rim Weaving

This rim is on a large bowl made with paper clay, finished with oxide, no glaze. 
 I used #20 copper wire for the spokes. With a little twisting they are attached to the pot and they are flexible, making the weaving, or mostly twining in this case, quite easy.
 Clothes pegs may be difficult to find but they are a great help when weaving. Extra hands of course would be even better!
 Decisions .... include some beads between the rows of weaving or twining? I tried a few to see how I liked it but decided to just keep on twining and add some beads at the top.
 Finished! I decided to pulled the wires quite tight on the single bead spokes and then relax the tension a little on the others to create a wave-like movement around the rim.

 Lots of tiny beads and washers!