Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's Been Happening in the Clay Studio

There really is truth to the saying that time goes by quicker each year as this year is already flying by. But I have been in the clay a bit ..... this isn't my usual bowl shape but I wanted to experiment with my new wiggle wire and I am very happy with this bottom. I love turning over a pot to find a nice surprise.

I also returned to one of my glazes that I found using Ron and John's Glossy Base from Mastering Cone Six Glazes. A few years ago I decided I wanted something minty green but brighter than the one in their book. I wanted to stick to a couple bases so chose one of their bases to work with as I was already using it in their Variegated Blue. From several different test tiles I chose this one and have been very happy with how it looks and works on my clay.
Here's another little dish with a surprise bottom or maybe not-so-surprise as you can see it peeking up on the edges.
 Below is a much larger serving platter that I made using Gail Kendall's faux foot technique. A clip from her video is available at Ceramic Arts Daily, here.
Here's another little dish, great for olives, using Gail's faux foot.
I dug out my old basket weaving supplies to try some rim weaving on some bowls. I made several of these years ago but discovered I didn't have a single one left so searched through old photos to see if I could find one to remind me how I had done it. I discovered it was like riding a bike, but with the help of some old basket patterns to help me with the rim pattern.
Here's my bowl with the round reed waiting for it's weaving..... and here I go....
And finally finished .... 
 I've also had some fun making a few new beer vessels. I dug out my stamps to announce 'BEER TIME' which it is almost that now.......
 Happy creating... in the clay, the fiber, the kitchen or where ever you create!