Friday, November 30, 2012

Why Did I Wait So Long?!

When I first saw a video showing the Gelli pad I was impressed and thought it would be such fun to create some fabric and paper print with the pad but I put off buying one, thinking I had way too much to work on without making mono-prints. Well I finally ordered a Gelli Pad last week and last night I tried it out.
 Above is the very first Gelli print I pulled. I didn't put the paint on very heavy and only made one pass through the paint with a rope-on-a-toilet-roll stamp. I love the little snowflake-like spots the pad creates when there is not much paint. Below is print number two.
 Below is print number three; I had to try the famous bubble wrap print.
 Then bubble wrap over many other prints trying to get some subtle color.
  After my first few prints I quickly sent an email to my Odd Tuesday group saying everyone needed to get one and that I was bringing my pad to play with today at our get together.
 Below is my clean-up paper that I rolled my brayer on after each use.
 More bubble wrap.....
 Three different pulls.....
 Below yarn laid over the pad and printed over several other pulls.

 Above and below some postcards I made. Above has regular stamping done with eraser stamps. Below was many different pulls until I had the eery look. Then I cut and glued parts back onto the card.

 I found an easy 'rake' tool can be made from cutting into one of those annoying styrofoam trays from the supermarkets. I wish they didn't use them but because they aren't recyclable here I keep them so they do make good tools.
 And finally I discovered that you can fill in those white patches nicely with watercolours. I used Derwitt Inktense pencils, that I received from Karen over at Rabbits Eat Quilts.
I'm looking forward to lots more experimenting and planning to create some fabric or papers to use in a quilt. Have you tried this pad out? Or have you been doing some other fun experimenting?


  1. Whoa! I've always wanted to try out one of those, but I wasn't quite sure how to use them. This looks like fun. Love your colour choices.

  2. That’s a wonderful series of prints Gina!!

  3. Oh my goodness! What super results. You are the second person to mention these pads and so now I am wondering if I need one or two! I like that first print a lot and then I like your clean up paper!

  4. Love your post - full of great ideas and so glad you finally got your Gelli plate! Your prints are fabulous - especially for a first timer! There are a ton of other great tutorials, ideas and videos on our blog at Happy printing!
    Nancy Kelley
    Gelli Arts

  5. Your prints are amazing! Isn't it so much fun??

  6. Nice feature on Facebook by Gelli Arts!! When I saw the link and the name Gina, I figured it had to be you. Congratulations!! Gorgeous prints!!

  7. Those prints are gorgeous- I don't think I could pick a favorite. You may have convinced me to put the Gelli plate on my 'gotta have' list!

  8. Brilliant prints, well done. I made my first gelli pad, was great. Must be time I had another go..

  9. Beautiful! I've not played with my gelli pad very much. I need to get it out again. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Beautiful prints, and I like how the pencils look, too. The gelli pad just moved to the top of my want list!


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