Monday, June 20, 2011

A Painter

 I will always remember my mother-in-law as a creator and explorer, she loved to cook healthy meals, she attended yoga retreats in younger years, she changed religious beliefs often, the general route she followed took her from Roman Catholic to  Lutheran to Roman Catholic and finally to Buddhism. Had she spent more time in Florida she would have made it to Judaism as she was very interested in the religion of her new friends she was meeting here. And I will always remember her saying "all I want to do is paint" when asked what activities she wanted to do after moving from California to Florida. However she did do more than paint. She also joined a Spanish class as well as three painting classes. She passed away early this morning. These are a few of the paintings she did shortly after moving to Florida.

And this is a quilt I made for her by photographing her painting, printing it onto fabric, then adding some tulle and fabrics. I can see more of her paintings either becoming quilts or inspiring some quilts .....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The past two months has been a fun and rewarding time spent sketching, planning and creating my first challenge quilt for Tangled Textiles. I've been wanting to try out some new techniques and this was my opportunity to do just that. I enjoy Terri's cup quilt (from her Etsy shop) each day as I work in the kitchen and her mosaic technique has been saying 'try me, try me!" so I used her technique for the background of my games quilt.
I was really happy with the background but had to keep going and those last few steps were challenging. For more on how I got from background to 'Net Play' and the other wonderful creations from fellow Tangled Textiles members head over to the blog.
Happy playing whatever your game!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Reading and Games

 I finally broke down and bought an e-reader. With summer vacation approaching I wanted to be able to load up a few books onto a single device rather than fill my suitcase with books. I also wanted something in color so the Color Nook is now my new toy. Of course I needed a little carrying case so this is what I made .....

 I can slide my reader in one side and keep paper notes in the additional pocket on the same side. On the other side I have a notepad and a spot for a pen and a stylus. The outside is in the batik fabric and it has a velcro close. I'm ready for summer reading!

Over at Tangled Textiles the clues to our chosen game quilt are being posted so I thought I'd share my first attempts at some fabrics for my quilt. I have lots of sketches including some done on my new reader! But I can't share those for awhile yet. I have to respect the reveal date of June 15th.

My friend Jackie invited me to her place earlier this week and four of us experimented with Dyna-flow paints. Jackie had the supplies and knowledge and generously shared it all with us. I created a few pieces of fabric that may make into my games quilt.