Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Clay Totems

April 3rd is the opening of JCC's Annual Clay Show (no, that's not its official title but I can never remember whether we're using 'pottery' or 'ceramics' or 'guild' etc).  We decided to have a theme this year and will be featuring totems!
None of us had made a totem before so it has been fun to see what we have each come up. Above is the first one I made last spring to try it out. I call it 'Potato Rocks' and after having sat in a few places in the garden it now sits with my garden boots at the side door. It is about 14" tall.
Then I thought I had better make something taller. This one is taller than me. Then with some leftovers from my Potato Rocks and other pieces I put together "Leftovers", quite whimsical and perhaps my favorite of the ones I've made.
I'm toying with how I could put these old clay prototype roses together into a totem.....
Although I'm happy with my totems I'm even more excited about all the totems being made by members of our classes! We'll be setting up the show in three weeks.