Monday, December 27, 2010

Clay in the Sewing Room & Destination Quilt

When making clay rattles some months back I decided to try creating a little storage cube for my bodkins. I've found it very handy to keep my bodkins separate from my large needles.
I've been using a couple of these bodkins to sew these clay ATC's. One is a little larger, one a little smaller than a standard ATC.
 The third clay piece below is a rattle waiting for a inchie. I fired the high temp wires into the cube and plan to tie an inchie in place. Only problem I've never made an actual inchie so I may join the inchie challenge at least until I come up an appropriate inchie for this rattle.
This is reveal week for our 'Destination' quilts. Earlier this week I shared a sketch inspired by the trail near our home. It kept coming to mind when I thought of 'destination' as I don't know my destination but I sure am loving the path I'm on. Hence my destination quilt was created ......
Watercolor pencils ....
More watercolor pencils, then you can see the leaves where I have already washed the color with water. After brushing with water came the quilting.
And finally how to finish ... binding or ..... I finally decided ....
Because my current path involves clay and fiber I added some of my clay beads my path. I'm sure I'll find more clay and fiber at my destination.
For more Destination quilts check out the flickr group.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reuse, Recycle, More Fun!

Above is a tool caddy I made this year. It is stuffed full so I need to make another bigger one for 2011. I used several of those tools for the following recycled project, another inspired by Sue's and Terri's book, "Creative Ways with Fibre & Stitch",  ... I collected some papers from the recycle box ...used up several very old almost empty bottles of paint. I discovered that after painting it is best to loosen them from the surface or they may tear after drying ....

 Plus my paints didn't cover the print so I used gesso, then paints ....

Because this paper was super thin, I placed one or two additional pieces of paper, also printed on, from the recycle bin ...then trimmed the edges and stitched all around to hold it all together.

I used up more of the old pillow case I had painted two summers ago and a black remnant from my stash to create the cover. I stacked the pages together into four signatures and put it all together.

I think I may use this for samples, postcards or a sketchbook, not sure yet. January will find me moving from my sewing room to the clay room. I was out pugging some clay this week but the cool weather still beckons me to sew. Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Time - Fun Stuff - In and From the Sewing Room

 These cute little red fruit are from our coontie plant. I had hoped they were edible but apparently not. I found an article that says 'the coontie may be the most primitive plant on earth'. so I displayed them in my 'primitive' wagon dish, from my last glaze firing. 

Holidays and cold weather always makes me want to spent time sewing. Elle's post about making bookmarks from her scraps prompted me to dig out some scraps and get busy. The bookmarks weren't totally scraps; I used some fresh fat quarters but the postcard and ATC were sure made from scraps!  I also added some flower petals and lavender to the postcard.
Then for some more gift wrapping. This is how I reused one of those boxes whose advertising on it definitely does not make it a gift box. I used Wonder Under to cover the box with a floral I had bought for a dress a few years ago only to realize quickly that I liked the fabric but to wear it. But it makes a fun Florida Christmas box.

 This is a nifty little cutting tool I don't use often but it is handy at times.

 Nicolas isn't too excited about the holidays yet ..... but I hope you're enjoying yours!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2011 Weekly Planner ..... Done!

Ever since I purchased one of Sue's gorgeous journals and Sue's and Terri's book, "Creative Ways with Fibre & Stitch", I've wanted to make my own journal. Well I finally made my first fabric journal. I needed a weekly planner for 2011 so decided to print off pages for a planner and use those for my pages. Because thankfully my sewing skills are a little better than my computer skills I printed off blank weeks and added the dates by hand. As it was I had lots of messed up printed pages. Some have 'unsupported Personality: PCL' printed on the pages but my husband said that just adds to its handmade charm.
 I was very pleased to use up a small quilt I had started last year but had put it aside when it seemed to take a wrong turn. I cut away at it, added some more fabric and I soon had a cover I was happy with. I found some coordinating fabrics in my stash for the lining and a little inside pocket.
 I finally used the awl I had purchased long, long ago which made those signatures a snap. Some hand dyed threads from my friend Jackie worked perfectly.
 I'd made unglazed white ceramic buttons last year so chose one for the closing. I dug into my lingerie elastic as I wanted to finish this last night. I could not wait and go to the store so when I had a nice purple that was it.
This was such a fun project so I'm sure I'll be making a few more; perhaps one for the sketch project starting in January. I sure could use a push to get me sketching more often.
In my clay world the FAU Potters' Guild had a fun get together last week. We had homemade treats to snack on and several of us exchanged clay gifts. Above are the wonderful creations I brought home; all by made guild members; some alumni, some current students. Each one of these has a special place now.
 When I was putting together my pieces for the exchange I discovered a trick that you may find useful someday. Or perhaps you already have used melted wax this way. I was having a tough time trying to thread two threads through the holes in my ornaments and was thinking if I could make the ends of my threads like shoe lace ends I'd have no problem. Well I was able to do just that by dipping the ends of my threads into some melted wax. Presto, no problem.
These are my gift bags all tied up and ready to go. I cut up brown paper that had come as padding with something I had bought online. I stitched along the sides, did some stamping, hole cuts and tied on a personalized ornament. I was going for the 'earthy, green' look. Gift wrapping can be fun! I hope you're enjoying some fun gift wrapping time during the holidays.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Call to Artists - Clay AND Fiber - Two Calls!

I heard through the FAU Guild about a call for participation for next year's NCECA in Tampa.  Canadian potter, Carol Eppe posted the call on her blog. Because I noticed two different deadlines, I sent an email off to Robin to check on the dates. She explained that we all have time to get our clay in the mail. Click here for the FOREVER website

It's super easy to participate. It involves sending an ounce of clay through the mail; no firing before you mail it. Check out the concept and details!  

For quilters, I just watched the Quilt Show with Ami Simms and learned about the Priority Quilts; no deadline, it's on-going so we have time to create a quilt. Check out the upcoming auction and also details about making and donating a Priority quilt. The Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Duck Days

I don't recall the name of these ducks but I sure enjoy watching them each day as they lounge around our yard. Lately they have been spending a lot of time in the wild flower garden and we discovered why. Our oak tree in the front yard is having a bumper crop of acorns this year and my husband has been constantly sweeping them up trying to keep the driveway and street semi-clean of them. We don't know if they are good for the garden and plants so we've spread them in behind the flowers where we want to keep a path open for tending. I see the ducks back there pecking away; very happy.

These are the acorns they are enjoying. I'm hoping to incorporate a few into some fiber studies; not sure just how yet but I'll be experimenting this winter.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

FAU Potters Guild Holiday Show & Sale

I'm headed back to the last day of our show. Hope you're having a great weekend!