Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Work ...Finally!

 Back in October, shortly after returning from summer vacation, I got busy in my studio throwing and building with clay. I needed to fill up my kiln quickly so I get some promised work out. Above are some greenware pieces drying, waiting to go into the bisque firing.
 Above and below are some bisqued pieces awaiting their oxide treatment and/or glazing before going into the glaze load.
 I was anxious to get into the sewing room as well so I pierced holes in lots of pots so I'd have to add some stitching!
 Below is my latest pine needle piece. I'm pleased with how it turned out - just as I'd hoped! (often not the case especially with a first)
 Below is another stitched-on piece. I used Genya cord, a non-leather cord.
 And this one didn't get to the sewing room. I'd planned to add weaving above the top of the vase but my husband liked it just as it is so I asked the advice of my art buddies from Odd Tuesday and they agreed, it was finished just the way it is. Oh it was a lot of cleaning and wiping to make sure no glaze filled in those holes but I'm glad I went for it. I'd like to explore this form more with its multiple holes.

Some of the pieces from my last kiln load have made their way to my Etsy shop. Others are sitting about waiting for their fate...... 

Should I not post before Thanksgiving I want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving if you are celebrating the American Thanksgiving Holiday next Thursday. If you are not, I wish a wonderful spring or fall, where ever you may be!