Friday, May 3, 2013

Postcard Project

Yesterday I received this beautiful postcard in the mail! It is hand painted by Gretchen Markle of British Columbia. She started her Postcard Project almost one year ago and will mail out a postcard to anyone who signs up. She asks that you send a postcard (handmade or commercial) back to her with a statement of why you like to receive real mail. You have until the end of May to join. Check out the details here at her site.

I have just written my postcard and it will go into the mail today ..... I'm not a painter like Grtechen but I wanted to send a handmade card so decided on tea wrappers since having a cup of tea is part of the joy of receiving mail.

Why do you like to receive real mail? Or NOT receive real mail as Gretchen gives that option! I'd love to hear but so would Gretchen .... go ahead and sign up!

(oops, glad I took a photo of my postcard reply as I see I left out a word ... I've fixed it now on my real card and it hasn't put me over the 50 word limit!)

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