Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Reveal Day

Yesterday was reveal day over at Tangled Textiles. (head over to see the rest of the group quilts!) Vicki had given us "Process" as our theme this time which meant we could do whatever we like as long as we documented our process. Having too many choices can make decisions tough and it took me a LONG time to move from sketchbook to fabric. I ended up going fairly simple in my design and chose to take a photograph from the garden which is where I've spent so much of my time the past couple months. Below are a few photos taken to document my "Process" of Garden 2014.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Like, Followed, Shared and Captured

"Like, Followed, Shared and Captured - Hasson and Shwartz Ceramics" is a ceramics show going on now at the Nathan D. Rosen Museum Gallery in Boca Raton. Anita and Allie are a mother-daughter team who put their talents together to create a beautiful, thoughtful collection of work.
Part of the show focuses on Allie's graceful, sensual porcelain pieces.  You may remember when I shared some of the photos I took at Allie's MFA show. If not have a look here.

The other part of the show is a colorful joint effort of vessels thrown by Allie and glazed by Anita. The concept behind this body of work is based on Anita's heritage where traditional pots were decorated with images of everyday life. Today we share images everyday through social media so this mother-daughter team took this idea and illustrated everyday events on their parts. The faces you'll see are their friends and family. Had you been at the opening you would have seen an i-pad on the wall asking you to take a 'selfie' which might become a modern image on one of their next vessels. Great concept and I look forward to seeing more of their work!


The show was beautifully curated, with Allie's porcelain work mixed with black and white photography. Colorful photography mixed perfectly with the rest of the show. Every piece in the gallery captured my attention. "Face Off" features the photography of the following three artists.


For dates, hours, etc. click here. Then go visit the shows!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Molting Gecko

While cranking down the umbrella on the deck this weekend I noticed this little guy. From a distance I thought it was a dead gecko but fortunately it was very much alive. I raced inside to get my camera......
 As I got closer he seemed to give me a warning signal, puffing out his orange throat....
 And finally I got too close and off he ran......

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Woven Rim Paper Clay Bowl

Finally finished! Below is a photo taken as it came out of the kiln, filled with some of the beads I had fired to use on the rim.  

 Below is one more studio room ..... guess I really do take over the house. The bathroom makes the perfect weaving room as the reed is soaked in the bath-tub and the mirror is useful to help see how the rim is progressing.

 I had considered simply stitching around the rim and tying it off with a bead, but no that will be for another bowl.
 Finished .....
Why paper-clay?  Paper clay is much lighter than regular stoneware so it allows me to make large pieces with thick slabs or walls yet they are quite light. The paper clay I use is stoneware clay with the addition of paper pulp. Paper clay also has a strong dry strength so greenware is not as fragile as regular greenware as the paper fibers help hold the clay together. The one disadvantage I find is that the moist clay will mold quicker with the addition of paper in it. But that simply urges me to use that clay up and keep creating!