Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2011 Weekly Planner ..... Done!

Ever since I purchased one of Sue's gorgeous journals and Sue's and Terri's book, "Creative Ways with Fibre & Stitch", I've wanted to make my own journal. Well I finally made my first fabric journal. I needed a weekly planner for 2011 so decided to print off pages for a planner and use those for my pages. Because thankfully my sewing skills are a little better than my computer skills I printed off blank weeks and added the dates by hand. As it was I had lots of messed up printed pages. Some have 'unsupported Personality: PCL' printed on the pages but my husband said that just adds to its handmade charm.
 I was very pleased to use up a small quilt I had started last year but had put it aside when it seemed to take a wrong turn. I cut away at it, added some more fabric and I soon had a cover I was happy with. I found some coordinating fabrics in my stash for the lining and a little inside pocket.
 I finally used the awl I had purchased long, long ago which made those signatures a snap. Some hand dyed threads from my friend Jackie worked perfectly.
 I'd made unglazed white ceramic buttons last year so chose one for the closing. I dug into my lingerie elastic as I wanted to finish this last night. I could not wait and go to the store so when I had a nice purple that was it.
This was such a fun project so I'm sure I'll be making a few more; perhaps one for the sketch project starting in January. I sure could use a push to get me sketching more often.
In my clay world the FAU Potters' Guild had a fun get together last week. We had homemade treats to snack on and several of us exchanged clay gifts. Above are the wonderful creations I brought home; all by made guild members; some alumni, some current students. Each one of these has a special place now.
 When I was putting together my pieces for the exchange I discovered a trick that you may find useful someday. Or perhaps you already have used melted wax this way. I was having a tough time trying to thread two threads through the holes in my ornaments and was thinking if I could make the ends of my threads like shoe lace ends I'd have no problem. Well I was able to do just that by dipping the ends of my threads into some melted wax. Presto, no problem.
These are my gift bags all tied up and ready to go. I cut up brown paper that had come as padding with something I had bought online. I stitched along the sides, did some stamping, hole cuts and tied on a personalized ornament. I was going for the 'earthy, green' look. Gift wrapping can be fun! I hope you're enjoying some fun gift wrapping time during the holidays.


  1. The planner is fabulous, what a great way to use a UFO. And I like the creative use of packaging material, also.

  2. The planner is beautiful and I love your gift wrapping too!

  3. I love your planner....why, it's got kitties! Too cute! And those little handmade ornaments you used on the gift bags is such a fabulous touch.

  4. Gina, you have done a wonderful job of the journal and the gift bags. How inspiring! Luv it!

  5. The Journal is great. So are the gifts.

  6. I love your unique gift wrapping. Great save on the quilt that was going the wrong way. The journal cover is very nice.

  7. Beautiful journal and enticing packages!
    I'm toying with the idea of the sketchbook challenge too. We'll have to get together and create!

  8. What a cool way to gift wrap!


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