Thursday, February 23, 2012

A First in the Garden!

 These little flowers appeared a couple weeks ago. This is my first year to try growing peas and carrots.
 Then this appeared on the pea vines! And this week I picked enough peas for lots of raw munching plus more to have with dinner. They are soooo sweet and tasty! Plus I picked my very first carrot from the garden .... there it is next to a few of the peas.
 In the clay studio I've been working on a special order so while it is in waiting stages I was inspired by one of my own pieces I had recently hung on the wall ....
 I decided to roll out some slabs and make a triptych, and it won't even have stitching or fiber! Now why did I do that?!

Hope you're having a great week!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fire and Fiber, Finally!

I finally did a glaze firing last week and unloaded the kiln over the weekend. I took a long break from both the clay studio and sewing but am back! I unloaded a mix of strictly functional and a few pieces that will have fiber and fabric additions. Those are always fun!
Above are two vessels already finished. I love the funky fuzzy one and plan to make more for my studio, holding pens, brushes, etc. Below are several awaiting their turn in the fabric room.
And as always a few mugs always find their way into the fire ....
And I had several embellishments in this load including this bowl of mini beads. 
I'm slowing adding a few of these to my Etsy shop
Oh ..... excitement in my sewing room .... when I came home from tennis yesterday my new cover stitch machine awaited me! I know I'm supposed to be in the clay all this week BUT  .... who can resist playing with a new machine?! My intent is use this mostly in my clothing sewing but I'll be experimenting with in some quilts too.
Hope you're having a fun week!