Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun New Vase and Annual Before Holiday Etsy Sale

I had fun making this vase. I was thinking of a glass vase my mother had when I was child. I loved arranging the flowers in it for her as it had a lid with holes that held the stems in place. So I did the same with this one only this one is made of stoneware clay. It's now in my Etsy shop.

Another new vase in my shop is a classic petal vase. Click on the photo to blow it up or click here to see it in my shop.
A few other new items ......  

All of these plus everything in my shop is now 15% off if you use the coupon code THANKYOU15 when you check out. This is good through June 23, then my shop will close for the summer later that week. I'm hoping to make a little room on my shelves for when I start unloading the kiln again in the fall! 


  1. The Gaillardia look so pretty in the vase you made.

  2. I love the first vase and the memories that go with it.


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