Friday, January 29, 2010

Glaze Crawl, then Challenge Quilt and a Couple Tools

For the past few years much of my clay work has included naked or 'almost naked' clay, meaning I've chosen not to glaze all or some of the work. The 'almost' is that the clay isn't glazed but I did put some underclothes on it; brushed on iron oxide and rubbed some off to get the effect I want before firing with the glaze load. For non-functional work I often add no glaze at all but for functional work I need a glaze. Before glazing I brush wash (or a resist) over the oxide areas so as not to get glaze on them. Sometimes though I think I miss spots where I may have splashed a little iron oxide and I believe it's flux characteristics creates a 'crawl' at those spots. Crawl is when the glaze pulls away from the pot during firing leaving a bare or almost bare spot on the pot. This also tends to happen when too much glaze is put on any area. Also an oily finger or specks of dust can create a crawl . 
I don't know which happened with this mug but I tried out a new design including some bottom fluting as well as stamping and was disappointed to get this crawl on the handle. Another one for my own cupboard! Think I'll be making up new batches of glazes too before the next firing. 

In the sewing room I've started work on my first challenge quilt! I've been making sketches all month and finally settled on one idea. Just in case it is expected that we not share too many of our thoughts and processes before reveal week I'll hold off on that but here is the evidence left under my ironing board that I was indeed at work.
And here are two tools I found so helpful this week. This hole punch allows me to punch anywhere on the paper or fabric! I'm sure you mixed media and paper artists are very familiar with such a tool but it is new to me. I found it at Tuesday morning when searching for some kitchen tools. And my new Bernina sometimes doesn't turn it's light on for me. So I used this headlight! Of course once I got the headlight set up properly on my head my machine got jealous and put on it's light for me. But I'm ready the next time it gets that sort of attitude!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Oh I see there is discussion going on over at the quilt challenge blog .... I'm headed over as I wait on my fresh soy milk (the soy milk maker is fantastic!) and then fresh tofu today!!! Love it totally fresh!


  1. I like the mug. The Crawl just adds character. The design on the bottom is a great idea. Thanks for visiting my blog. My type of Shisha is done by hand.

  2. I love the shape of that mug. I hope you'll let us know when those make it into your etsy shop - I will definitely need to have one!

  3. I like the crawl spot. I'd never have known it was unplanned!
    I agree with Sue - great mug shape!!

  4. I know nothing about clay work, so find the information you share to be interesting. I liken the crawl on the handle of this mug to a freckle on a face... some won't like it, some will love it and some won't even notice. To me, it makes the piece unique. And the new design is intriguing. I can see myself rubbing my fingers over the stamped areas while I chat with DH over a cub of coffee. I would love to buy this mug if you change your mind or make more.

  5. Yeowch, sorry to hear about your crawl. Fascinating tidbit you imparted, though, I'd never heard the term.

    I wish I was as far along on my Puzzle quilt as you... I seem totally tapped out for ideas on it.


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