Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tea Time, Lack of Time, Time Flies, The Puzzle of Time

I just finished adding the little extras to some pots that came out of my last kiln load of 2009. Above is one of my little teapots and below a couple of clay baskets.

  As time marches on the life of this once beautiful Christmas arrangement fades but that's when I get excited as I wait for some dried petals and leaves that I haven't used before in one of my organic fiber studies. Here I've taken apart the drying arrangement and wait for everything to dry nicely so I can start mixing up the new with what I already have dried.

Sometimes the waiting projects get overwhelming. I've decided these three postcards need to be made into a wall piece.

Plan is to paint a background, perhaps adding some additional rectangles and then stitching the cards in place. When will I do it? That is the PUZZLE. And speaking of Puzzle, I signed up for the quilt challenge which has started out with 'puzzle' as the first prompt. After reading the definition several times I started sketching. Of course crosswords and jig-saws came out and then I started thinking what is my biggest puzzle and that is TIME. I don't have enough and don't know how to make more of it. My quilt will be created with that in mind. Hopefully I find the time to get it made before the deadline!


  1. Love the baskets! Can't wait to see what you create for the "puzzle" challenge.

  2. I would love to watch you do your magic, Gina.... these pieces are just lovely. And so cool that you joined the quilt challenge, too!

  3. Nice teapot and baskets. I save all the dried things from arrangements too.


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