Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Clay and Fiber In Process

There's a  constant battle going on with the draw of the clay and draw of the fabric. So after checking on my kiln this morning I headed to the sewing room.I have a few clay pieces waiting for fiber additions. I used clear thread to zig-zag together these upholstery fabrics.

I cut an index card to the size I  wanted the fabric. This time I want to cover the holes in the clay.

 The photo above shows the last piece; made from my homemade paper with onion skin; overlay of netting and free-motion stitching and finally hand stitched in place with the clay holes exposed.  I moved the card around deciding on the orientation of my fabric. A more useful tool of course is a cut-out but I didn't take the time for that.
Now I'm at the stage of deciding how to finish the fabric. I was inspired by a couple of trading card sized pieces I made with clay attachments and am thinking I'd like to add a small clay piece. Do I also add some organic materials such as petal, herbs, etc?


  1. I just love how you combine hard and soft.

  2. These are wonderful. Like Sandy, I love your combos of fiber and clay. I enjoyed reading your thought processes on these.

  3. Hi, oh I can relate to the pull from both mediums.. so very difficlut to decide which to go with on what day.. I enjoy both clay and textile too.. mmm I love the way you have combined both, fantastic..



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