Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paper Exchange

Yesterday the OT group got together to do some Gelli printing, always fun! We had a goal to accomplish, create three pages each to send off to Karen for the Painted Papers Swap. Of course you can't stop at just three pages when Gelli printing so here are my favorite three and they are now waiting in my postbox for their flight north.
I did a bit of practicing before out get together yesterday but using regular paper that had already been printed on one side, sometimes on both. I keep a box of junk mail and paperwork that I no longer need, for painting on. It is light weight but I can stitch two back to back and have some 'green' pages for a journal or other projects.
 Below is one done on fabric.
 And back to paper....
Hope you're having a fun, creative week!


  1. That looks like fun, love the various patterns. I was hoping to get some painting done today but housework got in the way.

  2. Those all look like a lot of fun! I especially like the third picture which reminds me of a neighborhood grid or something. Glad you had a good time:)

  3. Wow those are some fantastic surfaces!

  4. Hi Gina! Great work! I heard about you and your work via Karen @ IAmRushmore, and checking out the OT blog. "Oops" pieces sometimes turn out to be the best ones, eh?

  5. you have managed to get some interesting texture to these pieces Gina!

  6. Awesome- looks like you had a blast!!!


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