Tuesday, June 11, 2013

French Open Couch Pooches ....

We enjoyed watching some fabulous matches from this year's French Open but not everyone in our household had their eyes glued to the tv.....
 Most of the time Nicolas was like this ....
 Occasionally he woke up to see if the match was still going .....

 Cleo kept her eyes open but they were glued on us waiting for treats or a walk....


  1. Watching TV can be so exhausting!

  2. Aaah bless . . . our dogs are wrestling with one another right now, obviously bored of my company.

  3. You need to watch the nature channel or something:) Sweet little babies!

  4. So cute! Mine is cute,too, I am now carrying crutches around due to her boisterous behaviour, but she is still my baby

  5. Cleo has the right idea. Just sit there and look cute and eventually someone will give her a treat. Nicolas looks very fierce in the periods where he was awake and watching the match. I wonder if his choice was losing.

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