Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shopping with a Cause

Through December 6th my Claynfiber shop is participating in the EtsyVeg promotion to raise funds for 'A Dollar for Peace', a campaign by the volunteer organization "Food Not Bombs". Participating shops are donating ten percent of all sales to this cause. In addition several shops are offering further shopping offers. I'm offering free shipping within the United States on all purchases over $50 and reduced shipping for outside the US. Check EtsyVeg for a list of shops and offers.

If you're looking for other shopping options where your money will help charities of your choice, consider charity wines. I received an email from Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England, with a link to wine with their label. Seven dollars from each bottle sold goes directly to help the animals they have rescued. There are many other charities you can support through the wine site. This has solved a couple of my tough gift shopping decisions. Now to decide which bottles to order .... oh and then there's the etsy shops to check for the handmade gifts .....oh that's Cleo and Nicolas above; our two adopted rescued family members.

Back in the sewing room I found some stamps I've been saving for the moment of inspiration. Here's my first in the stamp postcards. Now I'm searching the kitchen cupboards for interesting labels!


  1. Nice postcard and cute animals.

  2. I'm here via Ruth. These are some great ideas. We're in the 2nd year of our benefit for our local foodbank, Cups of Kindness. Last year we raised enough money for over 20,000 meals!


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