Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Little Wall Quilt Finished

I finally bought some fabric to finish off this little sampler from the summer. I had layered tissue paper, paints,  pine needles and netting; added some trim and hand stitching and then was stuck because I didn't have a sewing machine this summer on vacation. I added some machine quilting when I returned home and put it aside waiting for the right fabric and inspiration to finish it off.

 I always enjoy the action shots so thought I'd include one of my own. Here's my machine doing its thing! I chose to echo the quilting I had done on the original piece so half the border had semi-straight quilt lines and with the remainder I had fun free-motion quilting. (my favorite)

There's always that decision in a quilt on how to finish the edges. After adding the wide border I laid different options behind it trying to decide if I wanted a binding or whether facing was the way to go. I settled on the dark binding. The quilting shows up better on the back of the quilt than the front.

Although I usually hang my small quilts with pins I decided to include triangles at the corners so that I could insert a flat hanger. I simply cut a piece of balsa wood to fit. I included the triangles at all four corners so it can hang in any direction.

I found with the balsa inserted I could hang this little piece from one of my clay wall boxes! No pins needed and it stands out from the wall. (photo at the top) Perhaps I'll make a few clay box frames just for this purpose????

On a recycling note .... I finally used some of the Styrofoam plates that I can't seem to avoid accumulating as
much as I try not to buy food packaged in them. I used them around some of the parcels that went out to the post office this month. Hopefully they will end up someplace that recycles Styrofoam; something our city does not do yet. 


  1. I love how this one turned out! Merry Christmas!

  2. Your wall quilt turned out beautifully and altho it's a shame to cover up one of your clay wall boxes to hang it, the quilt does look great that way.


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