Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A bit from the studio, a bit from the kitchen...

 I've unpacked what came home from the FAU Potters' Guild Holiday Show and Sale. I've been trying to get into the clay studio but time just escapes me. I did experiment in the sewing room on this postcard. I should have called it finished after I quilted it but decided to add the layer of heart print cellophane. At least I have that idea out of my system!

My soy milk maker has been the big hit in my kitchen this fall. Making fresh organic soy milk a few times each week has become a habit. With the soy milk comes the by product of okara which I hate to throw away so it makes its way into lots of goodies. I've used it in place of the eggs and fat in chocolate cake, added to my veggie burgers, and every week I make a batch of granola. I add the vanilla and ground flax seed to the okara before mixing in oats, nuts and other ingredients. It adds a lovely light crunch and added nutrition to the baked granola!

And here's one of my clay and fiber pieces; a clay box with quilt and seeds, etc. Notice the fine crack .... makes it a 'keeper'!


  1. The clay/fabric heart is awesome... so cool that you've managed to incorporate both of these things that you love into unique art pieces! :D

  2. The clay piece is lovely. We are almost vegetarian and I'm using more soy.

  3. That chocolate cake looks delicious!

    Thank you for popping by my space and for your lovely comment. And so glad it brought me back here - your art is beautiful! I particularly love the quilted tea postcards... so lovely :)

    I saw an incredible kimono made of teabags at the european quilters guild exhibition last year... Amazing. There were so many fantastic quilts there but this piece stood out for me - intricate but understated and I liked the recycled feel to it. There are a few pics here if you'd like a look...


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