Monday, November 16, 2009

World Quilt Show

Saturday was a wonderfully exhausting day from walking the quilt show in West Palm Beach. Jackie was caught on camera early in the day here ....

Belinda and friends study the quilts .....

The "One Woman Show" by Robbi Joy Eklow was fabulous! Here is one of my favorites - of course with pots.

I wish there had been more wearables but this kimona is stunning.

Sheila Walwyn from South Africa created "Egoli". This reminded of the musical performance of "Gumboots".

Another south African quilter, Shirley Prakke created "Storm Warning". I wish you could see this up close to see the details of the words and appreciate the concept.

I'll get a few more together for later this week. Coming up ...the 'glove ladies' were fun!


  1. It must have been a wonderful day.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous... did you have fun? :D

  3. 'Storm Warning' was by far my favorite of the day. But that's tough to choose amongst so many interesting quilts viewed.

  4. The show was great!! Thanks for post some pictures.
    I was luck to work the show in the Gammill both. But when you work a show you dont have time to enjoy the quilts and take pictures. So thanks again for posting.
    Happily Quilting
    Natalie Carlton


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