Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tissue, Paint, Fiber and Clay

I've been wanting to try painting on tissue ever since reading Terri's article in Sue & Terri's "Creative Ways With Fiber and Stitch". Then last week I was reading Sandy's blog post about her cards inspired by Sue and Terri's lesson (one of their free online classes) and I actually thought of it while I was in my sewing room putting away some tissue paper. So I laid some tissue down, got out a couple tubes of acrylic paint. a tub of water and started spreading paint. I am so impatient when trying out something new, so got out the heat gun and quickly dried it. That was the first I've ever used that heat gun! Oh first I ironed the strip of tissue to some fusible stabilizer, making sure I had it nicely crumbled to hopefully add some freebie texture. Then I painted.

Some dried flower petals were sprinkled around with netting on top before quilting with the metallic thread. The piece was not large so thought I'd cut it up and make some ATC's. But I had my larger clay wall piece sitting waiting for it's fiber addition and I liked how this looked next to it. So I cut a piece off, found some fabrics and started piecing to add to the tissue fabric. This is how it ended up.

Today I used up some of the scraps to make this little ATC. They are so much fun to make! Maybe a clay ATC is doable? With some stitching of course.


  1. oh my gosh Gina that is a gorgeous piece! I love how the two look together. I really like these wall pieces that you're doing - the shapes are very pleasing. Love the one in the prior post too!

  2. Gina, this is beautiful!! Oh my, I can see these just flying out the door, have you tried selling them yet?

  3. WOW! Your experiment sure worked beautifully.

  4. isn't it fun when experiments turn out so well? it's a beauty!


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