Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Metallic Frustration

After a frustrating Monday evening of trying to get my kiln vent running I gave up and ran it without the vent. today I opened the bisque load and everything is fine and it even finished in normal time of just over 12 hours.

Tuesday we had a crew of roofers pounding on the roof as they removed our old roof and started on the new. It was NOISY!!! I found the 'quietest' room was my sewing room so I hung out there most of the day. I finished another purse. Yes, that's fabric marker in the second photo that I didn't notice until I took the photo.

Today I continued with some upholstery samples I had cut and pieced originally for a purse but then kept cutting and piecing and stitching and it seems headed to become a small quilt. I tried out more stitches on my sewing machine and added some Halloween candy wrappers before covering it all with netting.  

Then the frustration! I wanted to add wonky quilting circles with variegated metallic thread but it keeps skipping and breaking. I changed the needle to brand new metallic needle and lowered tension but no luck. It still keeps breaking. Maybe before I give up I'll try with my old Bernina. I can't imagine why it may help other than it is my old dependable. This piece may end up in the forever unfinished pile.


  1. love the shapes of those teapots especially the one in the back. and that bag is wonderful!

  2. Very cool! Try putting the metallic thread in the bobbin and stitching upside down. :D


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