Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Fun

I had time to just have fun in the studios this weekend. One of the paper samples I made this summer was stitched to an upholstery scrap and zig-zagged onto a card.  I see my machine skipped a few stitches so it must be time to change the needle. Or perhaps I should have checked which needle I had in before sewing through paper and fabric!

My cousin is a quilter and had a birthday on Sunday. I left it late but on her birthday tried out a couple stitches I had never used on my machine to finish off a quilted postcard.  I think I'll use those little daisy like stitches again.

In the clay room I threw a pot upside down. The bottom is the top in the photo above. I opened the pot up to the bat and collared the clay in as it rose, closing in the top which later became the bottom. This left no trimming to do and it was easy to roll this little vessel into a sloped shape before adding some legs and stamping in some texture. It's drying and should make a fun little vase or tool holder.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween weekend!


  1. Love the cards AND the pot, totally adorable, Gina!

  2. I love your clay pots! They are simply wonderful... thank you for your kind words on my blog a couple of weeks ago, I some how missed that comment till now. Please do stop by again.
    ...and isn't fun stitching through paper?

  3. Wow ~ all three items are cool. What a productive weekend you had!


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