Thursday, December 29, 2011

Inspiration in the Mail

Earlier this month Sue offered a give away at her blog and I was the lucky winner! This week I received this fabulous package in the mail with a set of Lark's Studio Series. They are similar to Lark's 500 series, which I love but these books are nice and small, perfect to fit into a bag and read when waiting for appointments, etc.
I had to include a photo of the postcards for the SketchbookChallenge (the photos are so yummy and you'll probably also recognize one of her beautiful pieces on the little bit of her business card in the photo). I started last year with big plans to follow along and DO the SketchBookChallenge but time and other commitments got in the way. I followed the blog and was inspired with every post but it didn't translate to very much sketchbook work for me. So 2012 I hope to be more committed and will somehow find a way to make more time!
 No school, no shows, no orders (oh, one order and it's fiber!) so I finally got into my sewing room to do some sewing but as I started to clean up I found myself cutting some snowflakes, painting and gluing them into a sketchbook, so hopefully I'm on a good path for 2012!
 I hope you are enjoying the holidays and wishing all the best for a wonderful and creative 2012!


  1. Congratulations, Gina. Like you this quickly went by the wayside and I'm not even sure this is the year to do it, but good for you. Happiness in the new year as you continue to GO!

  2. Gina, that looks like a wonderful package of inspiration. Congratulations on the win! Love the snowflakes.

  3. I'm glad you won the prize. Next pages in your sketchbook. I was going to do the things too but really am not a sketcher.

  4. Happy new year!
    What a lovely present for you! When you are ready to sketch more often, it will just happen, as it did with the snowflake, but remember, doodles and rough sketches of ideas deserve a place in your sketchbook - even if they don't look like art to you. Mine are often full of very un artistic "stuff"


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