Saturday, December 3, 2011

Candy's Blog Hop and Giveaway

 Lucky me! This morning I had my coffee watching Candy's newly released DVD. Candy did a super job with this video showing how she does her dyeing with lots of tips, plus she shows her thread sketching and how she creates her lovely art quilts. All very inspiring! There are excellent in-depth reviews at the each of the blogs on Candy's blog hop. I won this copy through Diane Doran's blog. Check out all the blogs, they are all very inspiring bloggers and if you don't already have a copy of Candy's DVD you still have a chance to win one!
 This week I unloaded another load of dishes. Above are the bisqued pieces with their oxide, waiting for waxing and glazing before their final firing. Below, finished! Now it's time for fiber.....
Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Love that turquoise/aqua glaze!! Lucky you, I hope to see lots of dyed fabric on your blog now!

  2. They are lovely, Gina and a great win for you!


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