Thursday, December 8, 2011

ATC's and Fund Raiser

 When I read that Karen Stiehl Osborn was collecting and selling ATC's to raise funds for an animal rescue group I immediately knew this was something that I could support. Our two dogs were rescued from shelters where both were about to be put down. Mona, who rescued both Nicolas and Cleo said that Nicolas had little or no fur and his skin was covered with sores and so was considered un-adoptable by the kennel. Cleo she referred to as her million dollar puppy because she was laying in the kennel with a fractured hip, broken leg and paw, waiting to be put down. Mona rescued her, took her to one of the best surgeons and after two operations she spent months immobile as her hip and leg healed. Cleo's paw never fully healed but today she runs on three legs as quickly as Nicolas can run on four and Nicolas has the softest fur of any dog I know. It is hard to imagine that our society is so quick to eliminate such precious lives.
Read about Karen's fundraiser and enjoy the ATC's that have been donated to help raise funds to save lives.
Nicolas is the white teddy bear at the top.


  1. I saw your postcards on Karen's blog this morning, and she gave you a nice shoutout- congrats!!

  2. I know this is something that means a lot to you. your cards on karen's blog ar gorgeous, especially the tea one. I had to look up what tazo meant - aha! a brand of tea. always love seeing your babies

  3. A great cause. Dogs are my favorite people.

  4. Lucky you, to end up with these sweethearts. Rescue groups do amazing work.


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