Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reuse, Recycle, More Fun!

Above is a tool caddy I made this year. It is stuffed full so I need to make another bigger one for 2011. I used several of those tools for the following recycled project, another inspired by Sue's and Terri's book, "Creative Ways with Fibre & Stitch",  ... I collected some papers from the recycle box ...used up several very old almost empty bottles of paint. I discovered that after painting it is best to loosen them from the surface or they may tear after drying ....

 Plus my paints didn't cover the print so I used gesso, then paints ....

Because this paper was super thin, I placed one or two additional pieces of paper, also printed on, from the recycle bin ...then trimmed the edges and stitched all around to hold it all together.

I used up more of the old pillow case I had painted two summers ago and a black remnant from my stash to create the cover. I stacked the pages together into four signatures and put it all together.

I think I may use this for samples, postcards or a sketchbook, not sure yet. January will find me moving from my sewing room to the clay room. I was out pugging some clay this week but the cool weather still beckons me to sew. Happy Holidays!


  1. love love love this journal you made!

  2. What a beatiful way to recycle.

  3. Ooh, I like the tool caddy but the journal is super inspiring. Good job!


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