Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Call to Artists - Clay AND Fiber - Two Calls!

I heard through the FAU Guild about a call for participation for next year's NCECA in Tampa.  Canadian potter, Carol Eppe posted the call on her blog. Because I noticed two different deadlines, I sent an email off to Robin to check on the dates. She explained that we all have time to get our clay in the mail. Click here for the FOREVER website

It's super easy to participate. It involves sending an ounce of clay through the mail; no firing before you mail it. Check out the concept and details!  

For quilters, I just watched the Quilt Show with Ami Simms and learned about the Priority Quilts; no deadline, it's on-going so we have time to create a quilt. Check out the upcoming auction and also details about making and donating a Priority quilt. The Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative

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