Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Time - Fun Stuff - In and From the Sewing Room

 These cute little red fruit are from our coontie plant. I had hoped they were edible but apparently not. I found an article that says 'the coontie may be the most primitive plant on earth'. so I displayed them in my 'primitive' wagon dish, from my last glaze firing. 

Holidays and cold weather always makes me want to spent time sewing. Elle's post about making bookmarks from her scraps prompted me to dig out some scraps and get busy. The bookmarks weren't totally scraps; I used some fresh fat quarters but the postcard and ATC were sure made from scraps!  I also added some flower petals and lavender to the postcard.
Then for some more gift wrapping. This is how I reused one of those boxes whose advertising on it definitely does not make it a gift box. I used Wonder Under to cover the box with a floral I had bought for a dress a few years ago only to realize quickly that I liked the fabric but to wear it. But it makes a fun Florida Christmas box.

 This is a nifty little cutting tool I don't use often but it is handy at times.

 Nicolas isn't too excited about the holidays yet ..... but I hope you're enjoying yours!


  1. What a unique dish ~ I've not seen anything quite like it before and it shows off the coontie perfectly. The bookmarks are stunning and Nicolas is adorable! Happy holidays to you!

  2. Too bad they are not edible. They look like candy-perfect dish for them. Good use for your scraps. Love the puppy.

  3. That's an interesting fruit from an interesting plant. They sure do make colorful decorations. Love your scrap sewing. And love your fabric covered gift box....great idea.

  4. Never heard of this fruit but they look so gorgeous in your beautiful dish. Great scrap projects too and Nicolas looks very cute.
    Have a great holiday time.


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