Saturday, October 17, 2009

Foil Quilt Continues

I decided to simply cut my painted coffee foil into four strips, reverse the directions and zig-zag them together. I wanted to use the free motion couching foot that I had bought for my machine last year but for which I had never bought any cords. I considered trying some Genya cord but decided I liked the colours of my favorite fuzzy yarn. I knew it wasn't wide enough, so the stitches may not catch it but I hate to stop to run to the store once I'm into a project. I'd rather improvise and experiment. I also like projects with limitations. In general I think it seems to force more creativity. Anyway I tired out the yarn in my couching foot. The stitching missed it in places but caught the fuzzies enough to keep it moving in the general directions I wanted. I actually liked the finished design and effect, with some areas showing the machine stitching more than the yarn.

Next step I tried out several different colors of netting and settled on the brown. It dulls the colors some but I liked the effect. I zig-zagged the net around the edges to hold it in place. I had considered quilting over it all but decided against that.

I had planned to trim away the silver foil edeges and mount it all to a piece of purple fabric background. But I liked the foil edges as it shows its origin. (much how I often like the throwing lines to show in pottery or the natural clay to show through) So I cut strips of foil from another coffee bag. Then another idea .... I liked the idea of showing even more of the origins by using the front side of the bag. I think I'll use the foil side on the tops and bottom and the front side on the sides. But a dilemma ... what part of the front should show. By the time I fold the edges around the piece only 1/2" will show. I could have the word 'England', 'New', ' Fresh Ground' or all scenery. Any ideas?
The cinnamon stick and clay curls I'm thinking of sewing in place once the piece is completed.


  1. This is going to be adorable when it's finished, can't wait to see it!

  2. That looks like a whole lot of fun.


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