Monday, October 12, 2009


That's the sound of finally getting back into the studios! I've learned that after a couple months off there is so much catching up that it takes a couple weeks to start drawing on the creative energy. I completed the fiber part of a clay tote vase this weekend, then went on to work on some foil, something Sue had inspired this summer and I'd been wanting to try for weeks. When I bought some New England coffee it reminded me of Sue's post using kitchen foil for her work.

I opened the empty wrapping, crunched it up then applied layers of acrylic paint using an old toothbrush.

Once dry I made some quick additions of my favorite doodle shape using a felt marker and then added some stamp ink; first with the stamp pad itself (no stamp, just dabbed the pad around) and then with a flower stamp I found in my stuff. I had the foil on a the ironing board and on top of a towel so the stamping would not be very distinct, I just wanted to add suggestions of pattern. Plan is to cut this piece into a few strips, reverse the direction a couple times and stitch it back together. From there, I don't know what it will become but the process has been fun.


  1. Very cool Gina! Now I gotta start saving the coffee bags...

  2. LOVE your vase!

    So, are you supposed to peel the paint off the foil or do you cut up and stitch the whole thing, foil and all?

    Thanks for visiting my blog. <:3)~


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