Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bisque Load

A couple months our garage went into disarray (more than usual) as we moved the shelves from in front of the side door and unhooked the vent to the kiln, so that a new door could be installed. We are replacing all the exterior doors in the house and are still waiting for the front door to arrive. Unfortunately the doors are all on one permit and we cannot finish or paint anything until inspections are made. Rather than continue waiting I've finally decided to go ahead, move the shelves back against the new unfinished door, put everything else back in place and run my kiln. As much as I've loved the time in the sewing room I need to be in clay as much as fabric. So I loaded up the kiln and it will run this weekend as long the weather looks good. We seem to live in a lightening attractive area, with neighbors' home having been hit and our home's air conditioning knocked out. So I always fear the kiln will get the big zap if I run it during a bad storm. So here's hoping for a quiet weekend!

That crack on the lower shelf still has me concerned. These shelves cracked during their first firing. I called the company to ask about it and they said they had been having that problem but they assured me they would not crack all the way across and that they are safe to use. With shelves being very expensive I continue to use them, but each time I hope they were right!

I spent some time last week making some buttons and 'curls' as they are easy to fit into a kiln load and they are great to have ready to use in the sewing room. The next step of applying oxides and glazes is the my least favorite step .... but that's next week.


  1. Yay, a new firing cycle... may the kiln gods be with you this weekend! :D Two of your photos wouldn't show up for me (the last two). Not sure what's going on with them.

  2. Pics showed up here okay. Love seeing your process, Gina. (of course, that entices me to try yet another creative technique - sigh!!)

  3. I'm loving all those buttons and swirly, squiggly pieces.

  4. I just visited your website Gina and I have never seen a combination of fabric and clay before. It's fantastic!


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