Sunday, July 19, 2009

2009 Joey Fund Auction - October 25, 2009

The Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England will hold their annual auction on October 25th. If you live in the area why not put it on your calendar. You could bid on this vase!Both our two dogs were rescued by a local cocker spaniel rescue group. Neither is a cocker spaniel but they were going to be put down by the shelter; Cleo because of her broken hip and other injuries and Nicolas because he had been so neglected that he had lost his fur and had sores on his body. Mona who ran the rescue, had an incredible intuition when it came to judging the character of dogs and would take on any challenge to save a dog she felt could become a loving companion. When we first met Mona she told us about Cleo and how she was her "million dollar dog". She had already been through two surgeries to correct her broken hip and had spend most of her puppy-hood confined in a cage so that her bones could heal. She was still wearing a boot when we adopted her as there was hope her broken foot would eventually heal. It didn't but Cleo doesn't seem to notice. She runs on three legs as quickly as Nicolas does on four! We often wonder what their lives were like before they were picked up and put into the shelter. Before we adopted Cleo she had been adopted out twice and returned each time. Her separation anxiety was more than what the first people could deal with. We were warned about this but had no idea what it actually entailed. After coming home to a house full of poop and pee and a very frantic dog we set up a video and saw the frenzy that Cleo worked herself into within minutes of us leaving the house. We tried leaving her five minutes, then ten, then fifteen, etc. but that didn't work. We tried confining her to a small space; that did not help. So we decided we would adopt our second dog a little earlier than planned. We contacted Mona and she knew who could do the job. Nicolas entered our lives and he saved Cleo. We immediately noticed a difference in her and although she was still upset when we left she didn't go into her frenzy; and eventually she didn't even run and hide when she saw us heading for the door. Dogs really are pack animals and all she needed was another pack member to stay with her. I can't thank Mona enough for all the work she did while she lived in South Florida saving so many dogs. With these two creatures she enriched our lives so much. I can't imagine these two loving dogs having to be put down; it isn't right. The world can be so cruel but there is such love and caring as well and so I will continue to support these wonderful people and organizations who do so much to save a life. Now I need to go hug my dogs! I'm thinking of printing this photoshopped image of Cleo onto fabric and working it somehow into a quilt. Or maybe print it onto clay?


  1. What a wonderful story and a beautiful photoshop pic of Cleo. I would love to see it in a quilt - or even a card.

  2. I've adopted two cocker spaniels from the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of NE, they're a wonderful rescue organization. I donate something each year, this year I'll have to actually go so I can bid on your vase!

  3. They are both adorable and so lucky to have you ;0)

  4. Hiya Gina,

    Just sent you a blog award! see my blog...

  5. Love the vase and the dogs. What a great organization.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comment.

  6. What a lovely story, your dogs are fortunate to have found you.
    Love the vase too!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.


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