Friday, February 23, 2018

First Glaze Firing Since 2016!

As I was working on mixing up glazes I ran out of frit 3134 so just did some tests of what I had made and glazed a few pieces. 
The test tiles starting from the right are Licorice, Bright Sky Blue and Variegated Blue, all from Mastering Cone 6 Glazes and I believe they may all be in John Britt's book as well. The far left is my mix of of the two blues. I'm torn as to which to choose for my new dishes as Var. Blue is a greenish gray and goes great with the green fabric I bought to make placemats. My mix of the blues goes great with the blue placemat fabric. So maybe I'll just use them both, just as I plan to do with the fabrics! 
Inspired by the totems we made at JCC a couple years ago I made a couple more, just playing with the clay. I have a few ideas of more involved pieces but don't have definite plans yet. 

 I mixed one other glaze or thought I had! I mixed up what was supposed to be Waterfall Brown but it sure didn't work like Waterfall Brown. It's on the saucer below. I had used it on the blue dish above and the brush strokes came out extremely light so I refired with black on top. I finally figured out what I did. I had typed a 2 instead of 3 on my recipe sheet and used Frit 3124 instead of 3134; big difference! I've been playing with my program to see if I can somehow make it right but there's so much silica and alumina in it now I think I'll just make a new batch and use this for what it is on sculptural work. It has it's own charm.
 Below: I had fun making an little adult rattle.
 And I have three new mugs, Mama, Papa and Baby. 
 I want to start working fiber into my work again so I started with this vessel, adding some Genya cord and beads.

 Cleo is still going strong, well maybe not so strong anymore but she does get lots of sleep. Who says you have to sleep inside the bed? 


  1. Great to see your work again! I'm doing some hand piecing but will soon be back to the machine. Looking forward to seeing more of your glazing work and please, please go ahead and add fibre to your pieces again. They were so unique.

  2. Thank you! I came up with a new idea yesterday for fiber on a pot and am looking forward to trying it out. I hope you're mending well and will be back at the machine soon!

  3. So glad you are getting settled after your move and that you are blogging again. Thanks for the lovely card.


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