Saturday, January 20, 2018

Wow, it's 2018!

It's going on two year's since I posted last! The past 24 months have been a blur as we went through a move from South Florida to Central Florida. I miss my classes in Boca but I know they are in good hands. I remember the advice from my first pottery instructor; learn from as many different teachers as you can as each one will give you different information and ideas. From there you can go on to use what works best for you and develop your own style. And remember to continue to learn! 

I finally have my kiln and most of my studio set up. This week I was in the clay, just for a bit but it was great!


  1. Good to see you back in the studio. Oh and also posting to your blog again.

  2. Well by complete coincidence I can say “welcome back”. I was revising an old shell post and saw a comment from a Gina. I couldn’t think who, so I checked. And here you are! Happy blogging. RH

    1. Thank you RH! I enjoy your Rolling Harbour posts as I become more of a bird watcher in our new Florida setting.

  3. So gladtosee you are back. Wondering where you are in central FLORIDA? Maybe close tome?

  4. Hi Kay! I think we may be close if you're still in Summerfield? I'm in Lady Lake.

  5. I am still here. Do you have my email? My class liar is not here. Would love to get together.


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