Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Piping Plovers

When I opened an email with the blog post from Rolling Harbour Abaco I saw this adorable looking bird and was intrigued by some of the others photos, and as I began reading the article I learned that these birds are on the endangered list, their population has been diminishing and research has found that of course we are to blame ..... but we can help too. The Rolling Harbour Abaco blog post had a fun opening with a take from Paul Simon's song with "Fifty Ways to Please Your Plover"!

Piping Plover - Danny Sauvageau
Piping Plovers make their nests in the sand just above the water line so people often unknowingly run over them with vehicles, dogs not on leashes destroy the eggs and nests, we simply walk on them oblivious to their being there and we also destroy their nesting areas by building seawalls, dredging the beaches, etc.

Two things Piping Plovers cannot live without are tidal flats and roosting sites above high tide. Often Plovers return from their migration to find their resting grounds destroyed, whether it be on the beach or an inlet that has been walled up, dredged or mined for sand. Hence more Plovers won't survive and again their numbers dwindle as humans take over their homes, often unknowingly. We need to educate ourselves about the life of other animals on this planet so that we can act responsibly and respectfully.

To see some beautiful film clips and learn more about the Piping Plovers check out the links from Rolling Harbour Abaco's post. and near the end of the post you can click on a link to a video by the photographer Danny Sauvageau at Kickstarter.


  1. Amazing, and the little babies are sooo cute. We don't have them here, but I suppose there would be lots of places here where they would be safe. We still have a lot of wilderness shoreline.

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