Monday, October 6, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Dolores from True Blue Canadian has given me this honor to participate in the Blog Around the World. When you visit Dolores's blog you're welcomed by her header photo of scenes from Canada. Just read her sidebar under "About Me" to learn what, where and when of the photo. Dolores is a hand-quilter, something I admire as I use my machine whenever possible so it's enjoyable to see others who are so good with the hand needle. She also knits, another skill I have never learned and she visits and takes fabulous photos at quilt shows ...and she shares those photos with her readers. I visit very few shows so I really enjoy the virtual show tours Dolores takes me on. 
Hopping along...

1. What quilting/sewing thing am I working on?

I'm working on brainstorming for the current quilt challenge over at Tangled Textiles. So all I have to show for it at this time are quick sketches of ideas as I try to choose my direction on this one. 
I have several little projects on my sewing room table waiting to get done, like pressing the coffee filters for pages in notebooks which I have gelli printed in the past but will make some quilted covers this next round. A few pots need stitching added to them and mini quilts need to be made for a few others.
2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I think the most obvious is that I like to mix my two passions of clay and fiber together. I started with simply weaving rims on pots, then started adding stitching on pots and making mini quilts for vases, wall pieces, teapots, etc.
I often incorporate bits of nature like petals and seeds into my work or simply add a few clay beads or buttons to finish a quilt.
3. Why do I write/create what I do?
For the 'create' part of the question I'm sure everyone who creates any sort of art or craft knows the feeling of doing it because we have to, something in us makes us want to create with our hands. It is simply who and what we are. Each time I clear my tables, put away my supplies something nags at me to pull it all out again, stare at it until I'm suddenly busy cutting, sewing, throwing or whatever it takes to try and create what I see in my mind.
For the 'write' part of this question it started when I joined the Quilting Arts forum several years ago and people were meeting and sharing their art. I'd visit all sorts of blogs to see others' work and as we met each other online I was asked "where's your blog?" and that's when my blog started. I enjoy meeting and sharing ideas with others and I also like to have this sort of journal of a few of my creative endeavors along with lately, photos of nature from my yard.
 4. How does my writing/creating process work?

I start with brainstorming then make quick sketches or notes of my ideas. Some of my starting thoughts include questions for myself like do I want to make a statement, create a conceptual piece or do I want to create art for the sake of art, something aesthetically pleasing? Do I want to focus on a certain subject, shape, form, colour, etc? Do I want to focus on a technique or is the piece to dictate the techniques used? From the sketches I start pulling out the materials I may use and then more brainstorming as I pile, sort, rearrange, making changes and notes in my sketchbook. Then finally I start cutting and sewing or the equivalent with the clay. And finally here are a few of my past quilts......

Blog Around the World continues.....
From here we'll make our way back up the States to Beverly's blog, Fiberhart and Lisa's Upstatelisa, then hop across the border back into Canada and head out west to visit Brigitte at A Loose Bobbin. Beverly, Lisa and Brigitte are all amazing fiber artists and each has lots to share. You'll enjoy their work and their blogs!


  1. Oh Gina, what a lovely post. I got to know you better and I had not seen most of the pieces you showed. What a treat!!

  2. Wonderful post Gina! Like Dolores, there are some wonderful pieces you have made that I have not seen before. The quilt with the ferry reminds me of a place I know. (wink wink)

  3. Loved seeing lots of your work altogether. It says a lot. Fun too learning about you starting process. I like that sort of stuff!

  4. I never tire if seeing your clay and fibre pieces, and it was great to see some other pieces I've not seen before!

  5. I enjoyed seeing a summary of your quilts. My favourite is still "Lookup".


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