Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dainty Sulphur

I spotted several of these little guys (and girls) when taking Cleo for a walk yesterday. I went back to get my camera to grab a few photos so I could identify them. A year ago I would have thought they were just little moths flying about in the grass. (Thank you David Suzuki!)

 I think they are dainty sulphurs, being Florida's smallest yellow butterfly, about 3/4 to 1 .25 inches (wing span). This is the female with the black markings. Interesting that the colorings very depending on the season. They are more heavily pigmented in winter. 
Here is a male....(I think!)...with less black markings.
We also found this white peacock  in the grass...
The beebalm is showing its color......
I have a load of pots waiting to be photographed but it's so much more fun to be out in the garden!


  1. great shots Gina, and while I'm sure your pots are fabulous, when the outdoors beckons, one has to obey!

  2. beautiful photos and beautiful plants!!!

  3. The white peacock is my favourite.

  4. Excellent shots of nature at its finest!

  5. Excellent shots of nature at its finest!


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