Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wildflower Week!

What a great week to celebrate wildflowers as so many are in full bloom! Our wild flower garden is just that, wild with flowers. I hope you have some wildflowers in your yard, on your walk or in some nearby parks to enjoy!
 The maypop passionflower is so interesting I have to include two views....
 I love daisies and daisy-likes. The black-eyed susie is new to our garden this year. I was so happy to learn it is a native flower in Florida.
 Another new one, spiderwort (yes, it could have a better nicname!). It closes up later in the day so got this photo this morning.
 White plumbago is native in Florida .....
 ....and only after cropping this photo this morning did I really see the beauty of this little darling.
 Sand dune sunflower, also native.
The native rain lilies love the rain so I've been sprinkling them everyday lately. These came from my friend Belinda.
 Flavaria .....
 Another favorite daisy-like, blanket flower....
 Not a native milkweed but I do welcome in the garden for the monarchs.
 Mimosa, now that's a good name!
The wild petunias only last about a day but new ones are opening most days right now.
 This isn't a native flower but it is a wildflower. It came in a package of mixed wildflower seeds. I'm not sure of what it is called, anyone know?
 Happy Wildflower Week!


  1. Mother Nature sure is impressive. I love that first flower.

  2. Loving all the purple and that passionflower is stunning. How's the butterfly identification going? :)

  3. I know that plant! The unidentified pink flower is a cosmos. Your passionflower looks like it's came from another planet. Wonderful photo!. I also have spiderwort and agree it's a terrible name. Spiderwort doesn't look like much when the blooms are closed, the foliage is very limp and scraggly; I always consider taking it out but then when I see it bloom I leave it.

  4. Yes, it is a cosmos. They are one of my mother's favourites and will re seed each year. Your lovely photos are a welcome break from the winter in my garden at the moment!

  5. I love your nature photos!! Thanks for posting them.


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