Monday, January 28, 2013

Reveal Day at Tangled Textiles

I finished my "Blue" quilt for the Tangled Textiles challenge! I ended up taking the literal approach to 'blue' and dug out all the blue fabrics I could find, sorted them into various piles.....

I chose a few that I liked together and added a couple of accents pieces.
I decided I wanted to so some fabric weaving so played with my tablet sketchbook feature doing various 'cuts' and finally cut a simple pattern from paper and cut my pieces for weaving....
Pieces woven together....
I liked that they created pot-like images but they also created fish-like images ..... hmm, which way to go?
Final direction could come later, for now on with the quilting. I used machine patterns for the edge stitching along the 'seams' and then free motion quilting for the squares. I'm enjoying the much needed practice I get with these challenges!
Now for the embellishments.... so many decisions, but I decided that I would add some clay pieces ... but which ones and where?
 A fish? At the bottom or the top?
 Pots with embellishments?
The pot direction won and I decided to put the buttons in the lower area where I felt the center of interest was. After sewing them in place I'm not sure I made the right decision. Perhaps I should leave it without embellishment....
But for now here is my finished "Woven Blues"..... 
Thanks Beverly for another fun challenge! To see the rest of the blue quilts head over to Tangled Textiles. More will be posted throughout the day and possibly into tomorrow.
As this is my first blog post of 2013 I want to wish everyone a happy New Year, hope you're having a wonderful year! I'll get caught up yet!


  1. Love this piece, Gina. BTW I want to ask, did you use stabilizer under your piece when you stitched the woven pieces together, and then create the quilt sandwich?

    1. I laid the pieces on top of fusible batting as I woven them together. Then I simply pressed them to hold it all in place as I machine quilted and stitched.

  2. Love seeing the process, it looks beautiful Gina.


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