Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last Kiln Load of the Year!

I managed to get my last glaze firing of the year done in time for the FAU Potters Guild Holiday Show and Sale. We had our opening tonight. Here's one of my new pieces that made it to the show. I originally thought I would glaze the inside of this vessel but as I was building it I decided it needed a fabric lining so that's what I added after it was fired.
I was also happy with this new tray design. I'm glad I got a photo before I packed up for the show as it already has a new home.

The show has a wonderful mix of functional, decorative and sculpture work. If you enjoy ceramics and have the opportunity, stop by and visit the Ritter Gallery at the Boca Raton campus on Friday or Saturday, 10am -5 pm.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Lovely ceramics. How did you attach the fabric? I hope the sale was fantastic.

  2. What wonderful ceramic work. I especially love the vessel with its embossed patterning. With such artful pieces the sale should be a resounding success.

  3. That tray is wonderful! Sure wish that Florida was just a tad bit closer!:)

  4. LOVE the pop of red your fabric provides on your vase.
    Good luck with the show!

  5. gorgeous, Gina. The vase is lovely and the red fabricjust sets it off

  6. Fabulous work, love the textures (of course).. very clever idea to line the vessel with fabric.


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