Thursday, February 23, 2012

A First in the Garden!

 These little flowers appeared a couple weeks ago. This is my first year to try growing peas and carrots.
 Then this appeared on the pea vines! And this week I picked enough peas for lots of raw munching plus more to have with dinner. They are soooo sweet and tasty! Plus I picked my very first carrot from the garden .... there it is next to a few of the peas.
 In the clay studio I've been working on a special order so while it is in waiting stages I was inspired by one of my own pieces I had recently hung on the wall ....
 I decided to roll out some slabs and make a triptych, and it won't even have stitching or fiber! Now why did I do that?!

Hope you're having a great week!


  1. Those peas look so good... well done.
    Love that finished wall piece... very nice texture..

  2. Love that triptych! Very clever idea-I always like sets of things.

    I tried to convince my husband to grow carrots and peas-no dice. Same with the lettuce too. He can grow some super jalapenos and other peppers so salsa it will be!

    Hope all is well. Enjoy the gardening:)

  3. Those peas look scrumptious! I don't know why you did a clay piee without stitching, but I sure like the one hanging on the wall. Maybe you're saving your stitching for your Tangled Textiles challenge. (LOL)

  4. NICE!! I have to try peas next year then!

    Enjoying the triptych...

  5. It's all gorgeous, the peas and the pottery. I love the variety of texture in the first piece, and I think your peas might find their way into my sketchbook this week.

  6. The pea pods and their flowers are so pretty and fresh looking - bon appetit!

  7. There is nothing that compares with the sweet taste of your own peas fresh from the garden.

  8. How exciting to have new peas! :) And as always, your work blows me away- striking!


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