Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fire and Fiber, Finally!

I finally did a glaze firing last week and unloaded the kiln over the weekend. I took a long break from both the clay studio and sewing but am back! I unloaded a mix of strictly functional and a few pieces that will have fiber and fabric additions. Those are always fun!
Above are two vessels already finished. I love the funky fuzzy one and plan to make more for my studio, holding pens, brushes, etc. Below are several awaiting their turn in the fabric room.
And as always a few mugs always find their way into the fire ....
And I had several embellishments in this load including this bowl of mini beads. 
I'm slowing adding a few of these to my Etsy shop
Oh ..... excitement in my sewing room .... when I came home from tennis yesterday my new cover stitch machine awaited me! I know I'm supposed to be in the clay all this week BUT  .... who can resist playing with a new machine?! My intent is use this mostly in my clothing sewing but I'll be experimenting with in some quilts too.
Hope you're having a fun week!


  1. Love the top bowl.. very nice..

  2. They are so cool. I like mixing techniques.

  3. Love the funky fuzzy one too! That would be so much fun in my studio for holding various items.

  4. Love the clay pieces with fiber incorporated, and one can never have too many coffee mugs!

    What model Janome is the new machine? If I ever get another sewing machine, I suspect it will be a Janome. Bernina have put themselves way out of my price range.

  5. Love the fuzzies and the little beads and those mugs. Have fun with that sewing machine too...

  6. gina, these are really lovely. I love the way you have designed them to allow for the textile stuff. Wonderful

  7. Love the bowls, Gina. And the new machine looks like good. Are you having lots of fun with it?

  8. Gina, I love the clay mixed with the fibre. Those vessels are amazing!


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