Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Christmas!

Actually it was a blogiversary, Karen celebrated her second blogiversary a few weeks ago and I was the lucky winner of her giveaway and wow, what an incredible package she put together! I came home from school last week exhausted, and found this package from Karen and Weasley at the door. Karen made this super bag with a screen printed zentangle bunny. Read about the bag and how it folds up really cool and also her reason for celebrating. She received her blog from her two daughters two Christmases ago ... I love the story!

I immediately had a cup of the wonderful cranberry black tea with the best chocolate (and organic too) I've had! I've started out the New Year with some doodling so I'm looking forward to taking it up a notch with the hints I'll find in the Zentangle book and then a sketchbook, pens and cool water soluble ink pencils - those will be fun to experiment with! And that's a darling card on the left from Karen and Weasley .... THANK YOU Karen and Weasley! Check out their blog at Rabbits Eat Quilts!


  1. What a great win. Lots to keep you busy. That bag is so cute.

  2. Hey Gina, that book looks interesting too. Let me know what you think of it.

  3. Lucky girl! And what a cute idea for those Zentangle drawings. Almost makes me want to do some embroidery:)

  4. Glad you like it, Gina. That makes my day, too. I think Libby's ide4a of using zentangle designs for embroidery is a terrific one! I might have to try that.


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