Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 Meet 2012

I did some fabric dyeing last week so decided to use one of the pieces for this year's calendar journal. I used the same format as last year but included a couple extra business card sized pockets and it closes with yarn rather than elastic. I found I often simply folded the outer wrap section inside as a marker and only tie it closed when I'm taking it somewhere. It usually sits on the kitchen table where I check it each night and morning.

I free motion quilted the outer piece to 'fast2fuse interfacing' and prepared the inner piece with it's pockets before stitching the three together.
To stitch in the signatures, I used the crochet cotton thread that I had tied some of my fabrics with when dyeing.
I forego the clay button this time and simply used some matching fabric stiffened just like the journal. And once again ran some papers through the printer without dates as it is much quicker for me to add those in by hand than figure out how to get them right in the computer settings!
...dummy me ..... copied out the dates all the way to July before I realized I was using a 2011 calendar to copy the dates from (I hadn't noticed the calendar was a two year calendar, I simply saw the 2012)! So I  cut some labels and covered the wrong dates and am redoing the dates correctly now. Maybe I should figure out how to print the calendar next year!
      Hope your 2012 calendar is looking just as you had hoped!


  1. Wonderful and in colors I love. It should make checking on things fun to do.

  2. That hand dye is a gorgeous piece of fabric, and your book looks wonderful. One of these days I want to do something similar-- ya, one more thing for the endless "I want to do that" list!!

  3. This is such a lovely example that you've done of simple says it best!

  4. As usual, your journal cover is glorious! You are so good at these, mine always look very quirky and your so finished. You and beverly are so good a dyeing.

  5. fabulous journal - love the tie dye fabric and crochet thread - great idea to use it. Yes, I just had it pointed out to me that this year is a leap year. Maybe it will also be my year to start a journal!

  6. Simply gorgeous, rich colors!! Your calendar journal looks so professional. What fun project do you have in mind for those lovely crochet threads?

  7. Yummy! Love those journals. Like Beverly, I'll have to add this to my already full "want to try that" list. Vicki is right your dyeing results are incredible.


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